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Mon 11 Jul 2011

Foals will be supporting the Red Hot Chili Peppers on their European tour later in the year. Check the live section for ticket links.


04 Dec - O2 World, Berlin, Germany
05 Dec - Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany
07 Dec - Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria
10 Dec - Palaolimpico, Torino, Italy
11 Dec - Forum, Milan, Italy
13 Dec - Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland
15 Dec - Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain
17 Dec - Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad, Madrid, Spain

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  • Added: Sat.09.06.2012 @ 21:35:41PM dstyvska

    Would you consider coming to Zagreb, Croatia? I was hoping to see you guys live this August :(

  • Added: Fri.16.12.2011 @ 00:57:12AM pasalo92

    Hey guys, wanted to say sorry for all the dickheads from tonight at the barcelona show, it kind of showed how big a of shithead some people can be, sorry for you guys having to put up with it and thanks for the short but great show you did, hope you guys dont think bad of bcn and decide to come back soon!

  • Added: Wed.14.12.2011 @ 11:40:59AM PaulienRedhot

    Met Foals for the first time in Torino. What a great band and a great show!!! A perfect support act for the Peppers. My compliments to you guys. Now searching for an album of yours.

  • Added: Tue.18.10.2011 @ 21:41:22PM Missmurder

    I can't wait to see you in Madrid, guys, i'm very excited! I can't believe it.. FOALS IN MY CITY!! aaaaaaaaaaaah!

  • Added: Mon.17.10.2011 @ 10:34:46AM Jasmine

    Hey there! I know that you're not going to France in 2011 anymore but, i'm waiting for the end of this world-tour like AAAAH. So yeah, i'm also waiting for your 3rd album. It's gonna be amazing, no doubt about it. AND YEAH, (the most important thing), THANK YOU. thanks to you, I enjoy my life. Your music is just... wow, If it was a person, i'd LOVE to be married to he/she. #foalsforever

  • Added: Fri.07.10.2011 @ 17:17:35PM almclean

    hey! why did you cancelled your concert in La Trastienda Club (in Argentina!) I get very upset!
    Anyway...waiting for you soon...

  • Added: Tue.13.09.2011 @ 01:28:32AM nanagzn

    HEY!!!! you guys ROCK!!! in colombia!! i didn't know u...but...this is love at first sight!!! ♥ im inlove :)

  • Added: Tue.13.09.2011 @ 01:19:50AM juaner

    They were great yesterday 11/09/2011 at Bogota Colombia, it was so amazing! lov u guys!

  • Added: Wed.07.09.2011 @ 16:30:12PM adammcghee

    guys, ages ago i was able to use spanish sahara for a media studeis project... heres the finished result. tell me what you think about it.

  • Added: Wed.10.08.2011 @ 22:22:39PM ericksolis4

    Why you can`t come to Costa Rica?

  • Added: Mon.08.08.2011 @ 20:39:37PM chickarry

    soo u guys aren't supporting RHCP in South America?and that means u aren't coming to Costa Rica?It's a shame 'cause a lot of people were expecting u

  • Added: Wed.03.08.2011 @ 02:37:04AM Crepas

    Hey Guys, are you coming to Costa Rica on Sept 12th?? Please let me know!!

  • Added: Thu.28.07.2011 @ 21:17:38PM ORLA

    Please come to ireland omg

  • Added: Thu.28.07.2011 @ 21:05:08PM ORLA

    COME TO IRELAND OMG :( :( :( :( :(
    I'm crying right here
    please come to ireland omg

  • Added: Mon.18.07.2011 @ 20:16:21PM ktovalerio

    why dont you come to Costa Rica with red hot tour?

  • Added: Mon.18.07.2011 @ 05:09:58AM hollowheartworldsapart

    Words are not enough to describe the feeling I have right now of seeing you guys in concert. My favorite band in all the world and the possibilities for you to come to Peru were really remote, so I'm going to the RHCP because of you and you'll recognize your number one fan in the first row. What songs are you going to play? Can't wait!

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