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Thu 29 Apr 2010
awwwlright. we, the band, have been a bit slack of updating this recently. sorry. this is gonna change. in the words of every schmuck try-hard politician in 2010, we need change. change! ch-ch-ch-chaaange. something like that. what a joke.

i'd just like to thank "nathalie" for keeping up the appearance of us being an active and interesting band. thanks a lot "nathalie". ("nathalie's" real name is actually nathalie.)

first things first. i'm supposed to write to say that we're excited about being on tour. quite honestly i can think of nothing more bland or even just plain untrue from someone in a band. one of the least exciting things in this life is going on tour. it just isn't exciting, and it will never be exciting. playing shows is exciting, but being on tour is very, very boring. while it's true that only boring people get bored, it's also true that the disjuncture between playing a show and sitting around aimlessly for hours not playing a show is so enormous as to almost demand serious, crushing boredom. physically and mentally destructive boredom. boredom to bore down upon the soul. that kind of boredom.

that doesn't even really need to be said, does it. the thing about boredom is that it's really boring. really fucking boring. i'm boring myself.

we're in liverpool. i'm sat in some sort of semi-hippy vegan coffee bar. the music is veering between tasteful acoustic guitar muzak and tasteful dub reggae. there are, naturally, a lot of laptops. i personally feel about as jaded as i've ever felt in my life. i've had to have about four coffees to motivate myself to even speak to anyone (not that i have actually spoken to anyone yet, but it's a work in progress), let alone write a blog.

um. yeah. i'm djing at the masque later. i don't think i have any records with me. ipod, much? no, i don't have an ipod either. and i've broken my blackberry, so i can't even play one of the ten songs that i once felt like uploading. maybe i'll just play our new record. conceited, much? no.

speaking of our new record (i'm so good at this, aren't i), it comes out in a week and a bit. we're still feeling positive about it, which is definitely a good sign. check out this week's nme review, if you like. nevermind the score, check the wuuuurds. great words; really great words.

i'm also supposed to say something about the remixes of this orient which will be available at some point... somewhere. i don't actually know which remixes are being used, so i can't say much more about this. i know starkey did a slick synth jam, and astronomer did this sort of, um, slick disco jam , and our mate adam did what is apparently known as a "slick post-dubstep jam". that's all i know. i don't know much, and i've certainly never been known for knowing very much. unfamously, i once nearly made it on to my college's university challenge team by simply copying the trial quiz answers off the person sitting next to me. i actually had to disqualify myself because there was no-one around to do it for me. good times. i'm really bad at quizzes, by the way. and crosswords. terrible at crosswords. this has nothing to do with remixes.

ONE MORE THING. there is now a french version of this page. click "francais" above ("francais" is "french" for "french"). "isabelle" will be translating some of this, and posting exclusive french content, whatever that is. i suppose this is only relevant for french readers, most of whom apparently read english anyway. but i guess they prefer reading french, given that they are french.

le sigh.


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